19 Popular Trends Middle Aged Women Should Avoid

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You know how people say that age is nothing but a number? To a point, this is true. You are only as old as you’re feeling and why should you let how old you dictate the way you live your life? Well, you might want to re-think that when it comes to choosing your clothing. Hey, we are all about using fashion to make a statement, but you might not want to show up at your kid’s parent-teacher conference looking like you’re a student.

As the age gap between how old you are and the age group that should be wearing those trendy outfits, you might want to reconsider your choices. Here’re some of the trends that middle-aged women might want to reconsider and get rid of.

1. Graphic or Bedazzled T-Shirts

Whether you’re going for cute, quirky, inspirational, or just funny, you might want to reach for that graphic tee. You can wear these when you are lounging around or you when you have to run some errands but to meet with your friends? You might want to reconsider. Sure, they are great conversation starters, but people might think that you are either trying too hard to be trendy, or you forget how old you are. Either way, you might want to put the donut shirt back in your closet. Instead of these sorts of shirts, reach for a nice blouse or even a fitted t-shirt in a solid color without the graphics.

2. Over-the-Top Jeans

This fashion “choice” could include anything that is cut up, burned, bedazzled, faded, too low, or just too anything. The wardrobe of a sophisticated woman shouldn’t include anything that you might find at Forever 21 or Old Navy, especially if you’re hoping to make a statement. You want to give off the impression that you have your life together, and when you wear over-the-top jeans, it’ll look like you just reached for you daughter’s clothes, or you’re stuck in your teenage years where you had to be noticed. Instead of trying to stand out with loud jeans, opt for a nice pair of fitted jeans in a dark wash. Go for boot-cut or straight-leg for a versatile look.

3. Blue Eyeshadow

blue eye shadow

Some people may argue with us on this one, but blue eyeshadow, especially the pastel blue that’s reminiscent of the 1980s. There’s something about this particular color family that ages a woman, especially if it is an all-over the eye application that you see from that era. If you have to wear blue because it is your “thing,” may we suggest using it as an accent eyeliner for a pop of color, or adding other shades to soften the rich blue color.

4. Victoria Secret PINK Collection

There’s a reason why many pieces in the Victoria’s Secret PINK line looks so much like school gym clothes—they are intended for younger women! The designs may be adorable and fun, but you’re a sophisticated woman gosh darn it! Sure, you might be looking for stuff to wear to the gym, and you’ve got the figure to rock the clothes, but that doesn’t mean you have actually to wear them. Instead of raiding the PINK line, choose athletic wear that is supportive, fashionable, and is befitting a woman who has her life together and isn’t longing for her high school or college years.

5. Cheap / Cutesy Undergarments

We get that there’s going to be a fine line between granny panty, and bra sets your mom wears, and that cutesy panty and bra set your daughter wears. Unfortunately, as a middle-aged woman, you’re going to have to get rid of the cheaper undergarments with the cute designs and purchase big girl underwear. Don’t be afraid to splurge on some luxury undergarments because you’ll feel sexy and fierce while wearing them. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be professionally fitted for a bra while you’re out there too. You would be surprised by how many women wear bras that do not fit.

6. Animal Print Overload

Forego your love for animal print (leopard, zebra, tiger, or anything in between) in large doses a la Shania Twain can make you look… Um… Crazy? However, if you choose to wear animal print, treat it as a less is more type of deal. For example, a cute leopard print heel can add a nice touch of interest to a little black dress. Choose a zebra printed scarf to add a bit of fun to an otherwise boring outfit. Remember, if you start resembling the animal that naturally dons the print, you are going too far.

7. Excessive Show of Cleavage

We don’t know about you, but when you’re over a certain age, let’s say 40, showing too much cleavage can be seen as an act of desperation. Granted, your girls may still be supple and look great, but the truth is, younger women can get away with it because it is expected. As an older woman, you can still show that you are sexy without having your breasts exposed for the world to see. If you do want to show some cleavage, choose something demure like Naomi Campbell’s little peek-a-boo dress. It’s classy, shows just a bit of cleavage while keeping most of her chest covered. See, she’s fierce and sexy.

8. Sparky or Shiny Pants

Sparkly pants can be fun and be a great conversation starter at any party. If you wear them, you can be certain that you’ll get noticed. However, if you are going out to run some errands or you’re picking your kids up from school, you’re going to be called the weird mom, and your children are going to get ridiculed. A great rule of thumb you should try to remember that not all that glitters are gold and if your pants shimmer and you aren’t attending a New Year’s Eve party—ditch them.

9. Sky-High Stilettos and Unreasonable Shoes

While you may walk in platform shoes like a champ and love a good shoe from Sophia Webster, Charlotte Olympia, or even high stilettos from Oscar de la Renta, you’re going to have to ditch the shoe obsession and opt for more sensible footwear. Yes, we heard the collective groan, but it’s for your good. You’re a busy woman now, and these types of shoes aren’t practical for day to day wear. We aren’t saying you can’t wear these sexy numbers when you’re going out with friends, but don’t turn your nose up to a nice pair of flats, either.

10. Mismatched Socks

Yes, yes, yes… We know there are some socks that are sold as mismatches, but they are marketed to the younger crowd. However, most people never understand the appeal of mismatched socks and to them, it looks like you simply don’t care about how you look. Or, you’re too lazy to fold your laundry, and you just reach for any old thing. If both of these are the case, why not just choose the same sock for all your socks. It makes life easier; that’s for sure.