21 Timeless Fashion Tips

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Fashion trends move so quickly that it can sometimes be difficult to keep up. However, some things are classic and never go out of style! Check out these fashion tips that keep things classy but never become boring.

#21. Bright Accessories

Nothing gives a neutral outfit a sexier look than a pop of color. Purple pumps with a little black dress. A green handbag with beige sweater. Kicky red boots with….well, with just about anything! And don’t feel the need to be too matchy. Mix it up by employing two different complementary colors in shoes and a purse.

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#20. Keep it Covered–Mostly


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Okay, you don’t have to keep everything completely covered like Laura Ingalls. But in order to remain elegant instead of trashy, remember to just bare one body part at a time. Going with a plunging neckline? Do it with a ground-grazing skirt. (Think Angelina Jolie) Wearing an uber-short skirt? Make sure the top has long sleeves.

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#19. Trench Coats for Days

Never going out of style, a trench coat can still bring a “wow” factor even though it’s basic. This is because the tailored collar with a tied belt creates a curved line that says femininity and business all at the same time. If you’re bored with beige and navy, try an unexpected color such as emerald green or bright orange.

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#18. Better Buttons

A piece of clothing that’s going out of style is easy to update—all you need to do is be able to sew on a few buttons. For a cardigan sweater or lightweight coat, consider changing buttons to an eclectic collection of vintage buttons. Make a white button down interesting by switching out white buttons to bright colors.

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#17. Thick Waistband (Back Away, Muffin Top)

Want to add some feminine curves to your style? Try accentuating your waistline with a thick waistband or belt. (Make sure it fits nicely, though, or you’ll find yourself with an unfortunate muffin top!) This looks particularly fabulous with a flowy skirt.

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#16. Think in Multiples

When you find a style of dress or pants that looks great on you, buy more than one in different colors or patterns. If you can pull off that belted sheath dress like nothing else, then get one in black, one in beige, and one in a print. Just make sure that the lines are classic and aren’t likely to go out of style quickly.

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#15. Re-purpose Accessories

Turn a long necklace into a bracelet—just wrap it around your wrist. Attach several brooches onto a chain to make them into a vintage-y necklace. Tie a scarf around your waist to make it a belt. Not sure what to do with your grandma’s clip-on earrings? Clip them on to the front of your pumps to give your shoes an added new style.

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#14. Fashion Emergency Kit

safety pins

Like a First Aid Kit, but for your fashion emergencies. A tiny mint tin or plastic bag can be tucked into the zipper pocket of your purse. Add a couple of safety pins, laundry detergent pen, double stick tape (for a loose hem), and a small lint roller. Plus add in a couple of band-aids for slipping shoe heels.

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#13. Pair Loose with Tight

Going baggy top to bottom can make you look like you’re wearing a tent. Tight all over is too revealing. Try a tighter piece on points that are worth drawing attention to. If you like your legs but not your hips, go with tight leggings and a looser top. If you want to cover up your thighs, pair loose-fitting pants with a tighter top.

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#12. Seamless Underwear

Panty lines are simply not acceptable! Invest in a few pairs of high quality, nude, seamless underwear—particularly for wearing under dresses or skirts. If you still struggle with panty lines, it may be that your underwear is a size too small. Try something with a bit of spandex in it to help add some stretch.

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#11. Stripes for Weekend Versatility

A nautical feel is great, particularly for the weekend. Blue and white stripes provide a classic look, especially on a three-quarter sleeve boat-neck tee. Pair with a denim jacket for a cute, casual look. Or put with a skirt and add a sweater knotted over the shoulders for a flowy look.