Small Space Hacks: 15 Ways to Make the Most of Your Living Area

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Whether you’ve gotten on board the Tiny House movement, or your house just feels tiny because of all of the clutter you have crammed into it, use these ideas to make small spaces feel larger. Bigger isn’t always better and you can find yourself managing nicely in a smaller living area, just by making efficient use of the space that you do have.

Some of these ideas come right from furniture companies that focus on saving space, such as Ikea, and can be installed right out of the box. Other ideas might require a bit more effort and cost in remodeling your existing space. Either way, getting the most efficient use of your space is as easy as following through on some of these tips.

1. Cabinet Door Baskets

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

The space behind cabinet doors in the kitchen and bathroom is often a “dead” spot. Make use of that space easily by purchasing wire racks that hang over the back of the cabinet or screw into it. Or, install more permanent solutions when re-fitting your kitchen.

2. Shoe Storage

Corners and entryways are often lost square footage as shoes lie all over the floor. With a simple cabinet such as this one, you can neatly stack shoes without losing but a few inches next to the wall. The front of each box pulls out and shoes of almost all shapes and sizes can be tucked right in. No more tripping over shoes in the foyer!

3. Stackable Hangers

Think vertical with these hangers that allow you to place up to four shirts on each hanger without wrinkling them. Just place the hanger horizontally on the hanger bar with a length of link chain in between. Add shirt hangers neatly, then drop one side to allow the each shirt to drop neatly below the next. Pants hangers like this can be purchased that work the same way. It’s a simple, inexpensive way to make the most of your closet or wardrobe space.

4. Under the Stairs Nook

Unless you’re Harry Potter and you are actually living in the room under the stairs, that space is likely wasted. If you can remodel just a bit, you’ll find that adding coat racks, drawers, and a seating space is a much better way to make sure that you make use of the space that is under your stairs.

5. Under the Stairs Drawers

If your house is configured so that you don’t have room in the hallway next to the stairs, consider fitting your stair steps with actual pull out drawers for storing everything from shoes to hats to umbrellas to books.

6. Nested Table and Chairs

If you constantly find yourself tripping over the kitchen or dining room chairs because they don’t fit under the table, think about a set up that allows you to “nest” the chairs under the table when they aren’t in use.

7. Narrow Spice Rack

For that space that’s lost between the wall and the refrigerator, build a small shelf that will store spices and other small baking items such as oils and condiments. Add wheels on the bottom and just roll it out when you need it. This frees up a ton of space in your regular cabinets that can be used for dishes and other items.

8. Tiny Sofa Table

Even if you just have a few inches behind your couch, you can absolutely fit a sofa table behind. Use it for drinks, coasters, books, whatever you like, in lieu of a coffee table or side tables.