20 Foolproof Beauty Tips That Will Make You Look Stunning in Your Photos

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#11. Use masking tape to dab off your face.


Georgie recommends that you pat a bit of masking tape on your face before you apply your powder. This will pick up any residue that has fallen under your eyes once your makeup has settled. The stickiness will be enough to snatch up eyeshadow powder and flecks of mascara, but it won’t lift your concealer or foundation. After you do this, apply translucent powder so that any excess oil will be soaked up, leaving your face not looking like an oil slick under the camera’s harsh light.

#12. Use a boar bristle brush to prevent frizzy fly-aways.


Before you take any picture, you want to make sure your flyaways are under control. Professional photographers use boar bristle brushes on their model’s hair to tame those crazy loose ends. If you want to increase the shine and volume while keeping the frizz in check, use a brush that combines nylon with boar bristles for maximum effect.

#13. Smile, but not so much that it is awkward.


Before the flash goes off, when you are going to smile, you want to keep the wattage of that brilliant smile to a decent level. Sure, a smile will always be your best accessory, but when you smile really big, it can look exaggerated and phony. Plus, it creates wrinkles around your eyes and your mouth.

#14. Take pictures at dawn or dusk, but never when the sun is high during midday.


The absolute best time to take a picture is when the sun isn’t directly overhead. This could be early in the morning or later in the evening. Why? Because when the sun is shining directly overhead, it casts unsightly shadows on your face, thus hiding some of your wonderful features. If you have to take a picture during the day, turn the flash on so that the light from the flash will fill in those shadowy pockets.

#15. Take advantage of a cloudy forecast.


Cloudy days provides photographers with a soft light that allows us to focus on the whole subject and make honing in on those crows feet a little more difficult. Clouds act like shade and gives your photo a softer look.

#16. Use a white wall as your background.


There is another way that will bring out the natural brightness in your face. Just stand in front of a white background. When you do, make sure you’re facing a light source, as this will prevent shadows from covering up that beautiful face of yours. Remember, white walls, sheets, or any other surface will provide you with a crisper shot.

#17. Make your angles work for you.


The importance of beauty photography is knowing your angles. When you know your angles, you can look completely different. If you want to find your best angle, look through older pictures and find a pose that you really like and look good in, then try to replicate that angle.

#18. Always elevate your camera, but tilt it downward to get the best angle possible.


It’s important that you make sure your light source is high so that you will see less of what is below your chin. Anytime you’re taking a picture of yourself or someone else, your camera should be at forehead level, but tilted downward because it won’t emphasize any neck or chin problems you may not be confident about.

#19. Hand your camera to the tallest person with the longest arms whenever taking a picture.


Whenever you’re taking a selfie with a bunch of other people, you’ll want to hand the camera to someone with the longest arms. This will get everyone in the frame and at a great angle because the camera person will be holding the camera upward and tilted down to the group.

#20. Create your own filtered effect.

When you’re using the flash on your camera, obviously you won’t have the equipment a professional would, so if you want that soft-diffused finish everyone loves, take a piece of wax paper, cut it into a two foot by two foot square, and then hold it out so it’s in front of the flash but not visible in the frame. The flash has to shoot through it and since wax paper isn’t clear, it will give the photo that dreamy, filtered effect.

With these 20 tips, we are certain that the photos you post on Instagram will get tons of likes. Just try it for yourself and see!