20 Foolproof Beauty Tips That Will Make You Look Stunning in Your Photos

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With these tips, you’ll never have to have to retake another selfie because you don’t like the way you look; you’re always going to be stunning!

Have you ever wondered how some of these girls are able to take flawless photos every single time they step in front of the camera? Their makeup is on point, their hair looks amazing, and they look like their outfits have been specially tailored and picked out just for them.

We’ve all been there before once or twice ladies. Fortunately, awesome makeup artist, Georgie Eisdell, and  a commercial beauty and fashion photographer, J. Ryan Roberts have some amazing beauty tips that will transform your pictures from looking like a mugshot and more like a runway photo.

If you want your photographs to be as fabulous as the celebs on the red carpet, you will definitely want to print these tips out, or at least read through it and jot down a few notes—whichever you prefer.

#1. Put on your eye makeup first to prevent any fallout from ruining your foundation.


When you do your eye makeup first and then your foundation, you’re ensuring that your skin will look it’s freshest because you can sweep away any fall out from the eye shadow and rub away any mascara or eyeliner smudges that might happen. Also start off with a light colored eyeshadow and then build upon that, but don’t go overboard, keep in mind that less is best because using too much can age you significantly.

#2. Use a dark color to line the inner rim of your upper lash line.


If you want to have a defined eye that really stands out, line the inner rim of your top lash line with a dark, waterproof eyeliner. This will make your lashes look lusher, and it will help define your eye shape.

#3. Use a lot of mascara. A LOT!


Georgie suggests that after you apply your eyeshadow and eyeliner, apply a couple coats of mascara. When you wear a lot of it, it’ll open your eye and draw attention to it. She believes that if you don’t wear mascara, you won’t stand out in a photo. For perfectly applied mascara, Georgie suggests that when you’re applying your mascara, blink downward with the wand in your hand and get close to the lash line. Then wiggle the wand upward to the end of your lashes.

#4. Opt for a sheerer foundation.


It’s important that your skin looks completely flawless in photos. With that said, you want your skin to actually look like your skin, not keep it completely covered and looking like plaster. This means that if you have freckles that you want to keep visible but cover up those red splotches covered, go for a foundation that is sheer but still provides some coverage.

#5. Don’t forget to put some foundation on your ears.


If your ears get red frequently, you’re going to want to apply some foundation on them so that they don’t stick out in the picture. Treat your ears like the rest of your skin by applying the same base that you use for your to even out your complexion. By doing this, you’re going to have a flawless skin tone.

#6. Forget to highlight the inner corners (that V) of your eyes.


Georgie suggests that if you want your photos to stand out, you should avoid highlighting the inner corners of your eyes. Some people will use a champagne-colored highlighter or another light shade that coordinates with your eye look, but truthfully, this accent doesn’t read well on camera. If you want to brighten your eyes, use a concealer to cover any dark circles that you might have.

#7. Use a blush brush yo contour your face to add angles.


Contouring is all about bringing attention to your awesome features and maybe hide your not-so-awesome features. When you use a blush brush, use a matte bronzer directly onto your skin. Sweep up along the edge of your hairline, over your temples, along your cheekbones, and under your jawline.

#8. Add blush to give your cheeks a subtle tinge of dimension.


If you aren’t a fan of bronzer, you can always use blush to contour your face. Don’t worry about taking a black and white photo because even with just a little bit of blush in a complementary on the apples of your cheeks, it will make your skin slightly darker so that it’ll pop on camera.

#9. Fill in your eyebrows.


Strong eyebrows will give your face the structure that really stands out in photography. To make your brows looking great, fill them in with a bit of powder, an eyebrow pencil, and some brow gel to keep everything in place. This will leave your eyes looking stunning and defined.

#10. Use a lip balm to add moisture to your lips to give yourself a youthful glow.


In any photo, you want to make sure that your lips look youthful and supple. You can do that by applying lip balm or any other moisturizing lip product on them. This will give your lips a nice gloss that will make your lips appear kissable. If you want to go for a matte look, put some lip balm on your lips before applying the matte lipstick so they won’t look dry and cracked.