Jessica Alba Shares Her Secrets for Looking Great

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An extremely successful wife, actress and mother of two little girls, ages 5 and 8, Jessica Alba recently chatted with Shape magazine about her life. As co-founder of The Honest Company, Alba has been instrumental in creating a billion-dollar business. Her dedication to the company that offers safe, natural products for the family, household, and beauty has thrust the 35-year-old into the role of a lifestyle expert.

jessica-alba-coverFeatured on the cover of October 2016 Shape magazine, Alba rocks a high-waisted black mesh swimsuit with a white blazer. In the article she shares some of her thoughts on keeping fit, slimming down, and looking great.

Jessica on Keeping Fit

Alba makes an effort to work out four times a week, but sometimes two to three times a week is more likely to happen. Extremely honest about her imperfections, Jessica shares that she fits in workouts when she can—and she refuses to feel guilty if she sometimes isn’t able to.

Not only does Jessica find that the physical benefits of working out are important, she also loves the way exercising makes her feel mentally and emotionally, getting her brain “kick-started.” Particularly if the workout includes some sort of meditative state. Hot Yoga and Spin classes are her absolute favorite for getting the most out of her fitness time.
Particularly happy with her body and her shape, Alba loves that her body allows her to do the things that she wants to do, such as hiking, biking, or going for a swim. And when she’s tired, she can always get past it with just a little extra effort.

Jessica on Eating

Although Alba finds that working out is healthy, when she wants to lose weight she really has to concentrate more on what she eats. She aims to eat foods that are gluten and dairy free, avoiding foods that are fried or processed. Foods Alba does include in her diet are high in proteins, low in fats and carbs.

Even though Jessica keeps to a healthy diet, she isn’t so strict that she is not willing to “cheat” sometimes. Particularly when it comes to strawberry shortcake, which is her absolute favorite dessert!

Jessica on Applying Makeup

Giving her thoughts on applying makeup, Alba has a few pieces of advice to offer. The first includes highlighting all of her favorite features. She chooses to apply shimmery eyeshadows to accentuate her eyes and lipstick shades in dark plum to feature her lips. The Honest Company’s makeup line, Honest Beauty, offers color palettes made with safe, high-performance botanicals and Alba models them in Shape magazine’s October issue.

In addition to accentuating what she does like about her face, Alba suggests covering up areas that are less liked. For instance, dark circles and unsightly capillaries can be minimized by taking advantage of spot concealer.

Then, after using concealer, strategically adding powder in certain places can finish the look. Alba’s preferred places for finishing powder include between the eyebrows, on the chin, and on the sides of the nose. But she avoids putting makeup all over the face as it has a tendency to make the skin look older.

The good news is that Alba’s entire daily makeup routine takes her only about 10 minutes and then she’s ready to go! Looking great from working out a few times a week, eating healthy foods, and applying a natural beauty routine is all part of what makes Jessica Alba one of the most sought after stars in today’s world.