15 Expert Tips on Holiday Shopping That Will Help Keep Your Sanity

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#8. You don’t have to wait for deals to come to you.

online shopping

Granted this time of year is when some of the best deals happen, but you won’t have to wait around for Black Friday or even Cyber Monday to get the lowest prices available. Many online stores will do markdowns and coupons even before Thanksgiving—then again right before Christmas!

The next item will make you want to think before reaching for that plastic!

#9. Be smart when you buy gift cards.

gift cards

Gift cards are great gifts for those people who is just so hard to buy for. However, you have to know what stores they go to the most. Your best bet is to buy gift cards to an experience—for dinner and a movie. Although, recommend that you save that plastic gift for people in their teens and early 20s, or coworker’s that you don’t know too well.

The next item will make it easier to protect yourself from making unwanted purchases!

#10. Protect yourself from unsolicited online marketing.


Stores are going to do everything they can to make you spend your money on their products, and that means that they are going to send you unsolicited email marketing at every chance. Avoid being tempted into making unwanted purchases by unsubscribing from retailer’s email newsletters as soon as the first one pops into your inbox.

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#11. To avoid big crowds, shop in the morning.

shopping early

Even though you might think that everyone flocks to the stores in the wee hours of the morning on Black Friday, Google discovered that many shoppers don’t go as early as you might think. If you aren’t interested in waking up before the sun after your turkey coma, go later in the evening—if you aren’t too concerned about missing some of those great limited-time deals.

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#12. Catch those bonus discounts when available.


If you do plan on standing in line at your favorite store on Black Friday, you might want to try being the some of the first people in line. Some stores have been known to reward those early birds by giving them gift cards and store credit—sometimes worth up to $500! How’s that for incentive?

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#13. Divide your list and conquer all.

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Think of shopping like an intricate strategy game that you have to win. Get a couple people together and compare lists. Divide the list up into specific stores and then each person in the group gets one store and shops for all the items on everyone’s list that can be found there. Why do this? Because when you split the shopping up this way, you can get more deals from a variety of stores.

Make sure your phones are charged so you are in proper communication the whole time!

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#14. Don’t assume that those door buster deals are actually deals.

door buster deals

Stores will advertise great deals like a laptop priced under $100, but that laptop most likely will not be a brand name model and will probably have really low specs. Make sure the door-busting deal that draws you in has all the features you’re looking for.

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#15. If you shop online, use!


If you plan on doing a lot of shopping online, you can get money back on your purchases when you check first. Simply look for the store you want to buy things at and see if they are running any deals on top of the cash back you’ll get just from shopping there. Some stores offer double or triple cash back! It might not look like a lot of money right now, but it all adds up!

There you have it folks, 15 awesome tips that will help you shop for your loved ones this holiday season without needing therapy afterward. In the comments below, tell us your favorite holiday shopping tips!