Surprising Health Benefits of Crocheting & Knitting You Should Know

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#6 Fight Mindless Eating


Do you find yourself wandering to the kitchen for a snack, even when you’re not hungry? Put your hands and brain to better use and fight this mindless eating by taking up a new hobby.

People who crochet are less likely to engage in mindless eating because their hands are occupied with their project.


#7 Give Yourself a Sense of Purpose

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Do you feel like your days don’t have much point? Throwing yourself into a project can give you a goal and a sense of purpose each day. The closer you get to reaching your goal, the better you will feel.

Creating something for yourself or someone you love is a very fulfilling goal and it can give you something to look forward to every day.


#8 Manage Chronic Pain

knitting pain

Surprisingly, knitting can even help you manage chronic pain by giving your mind something on which to focus. At least for a little while, knitting or crocheting can give you something to think about and make you less aware of your pain.

Knitting doesn’t just work with physical pain; people with eating disorders, depression, and other health problems can also enjoy the benefits of knitting.


#9 Reduce Age-Related Cognitive Decline & Memory Loss

knitting baby shoes

Numerous studies have found that crocheting or knitting has real benefits in terms of preventing memory loss and cognitive impairment.

In a 2007 study, researchers analyzing scientific literature found that hobbies like knitting and crocheting work to stimulate the mind, reduce the effects of stress-related diseases, and slow age-related cognitive decline.

A more recent study conducted by Yonas Geda, Mayo Clinic professor of neurology and psychiatry, seniors who engaged in crafting and other hobbies like reading and playing games were 30-50% less likely to have cognitive decline.

It’s believed knitting and crocheting build up “cognitive reserves” and the brain’s ability to buffer the assault of bad chemicals and the accumulation of proteins.

Why? Because knitting, crocheting, and other crafts engage several parts of the brain to stimulate neural connections and keep them working efficiently.


#10 Improve Your Self-Esteem & Confidence


Few things give you a shot of confidence like completing a project. Knitting is a skill you can master and it gives you physical proof of your accomplishment. You can even put this new skill to use to make hats, scarves, and more for yourself and your friends.


#11 Create Usable Items


Along with the health benefits and the sense accomplishment you can enjoy with crocheting or knitting, you’ll have a nifty and one-of-a-kind craft when you finish. Whether it’s a scarf that goes beautifully with your favorite outfit or a gorgeous sweater you can gift to your best friend, it will be something you made with your own hands.