9 Essential Rules for Maintaining Your Glorious Curls

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Curly hair is coveted by many women—who don’t have curly hair themselves. What ladies with straight hair doesn’t seem to understand is that having curls is a lot of work, and it isn’t easy. Yes, when you go out with a perfectly coifed head of curls, you look and feel fierce, but on those days when your hair doesn’t want to cooperate, you might feel helpless. Curly hair is hard to manage, it’s prone to breakage and split ends, and it can very easily turn into the equivalent of a rats nest in no time.

Continue reading to find out the essential things you should be doing to keep your curls looking right and fabulous.

1. Do not over wash your hair.


Your scalp naturally produces oils that are used to keep your hair moisturized and healthy. Women who have straight hair have no problem with this because the oils are able to naturally make their way down the hair shaft. Curly haired women, on the other hand, are not, and they are more susceptible to dryness and frizz. Because of this potential for drying out the hair, you don’t want to shampoo your hair more than twice a week because it will strip the hair of any oils. When you do shampoo, choose a shampoo that is gentle and created for hair that is curly or damaged. When you aren’t shampooing, you can use a dry shampoo to soak up extra oil that might be on your scalp and rinse your hair (mid-length to the ends) with a conditioner.

2. Never run a brush through your hair—use a wide tooth comb instead.

When you get out of the shower, you might reach for a brush, but maybe you shouldn’t. Not only can the brush pull out your hair or make it frizzy, but it can also break your hair off. You can prevent this loss or breakage by using a wide-tooth comb instead to work out the knots gently and still keeping your hair untangled and looking great. You can also use your fingers to break up the tangles if you would rather not use a comb. The choice ultimately is yours, but stay away from the brushes!

3. Deep condition your hair while in the shower.

shower cap

We all know that curly hair has trouble with staying moisturized. You can combat this by applying a good deep conditioner to your hair before you get into the shower. Wrap your hair up and tuck it under a shower cap and then get in as usual. The steam from the shower enables your hair to soak up the moisture. When you’re done washing your body, then do your hair. That ought to be enough time for your curls to soak up all the conditioner it needs to be bouncy and not as frizzy when it dries. Pro Tip: You should do this about twice a month, if your hair is especially dry, you can do it more often if need be.

4. Block out frizz and lock in the moisture.

styling cream

So, after you wash your hair, regardless if you deep condition before or not, you’ll want to apply a styling cream to your tresses that help lock in the moisture. Look for a product that combines the holding power of a gel but provides the hydration that your curls will need. Remember, the more moisture your curls have, the less frizz there will be.

5. Don’t forget to keep regular salon appointments.


It’s understandable that you might not always want to go to the salon, especially when it feels like you were just there to have your hair done. However, to keep your curls looking fabulous, it’s a good idea to get them trimmed every 3 months or so. By keeping the hair trimmed, you’re removing the dead ends that are dry and brittle, thus helping your hair stay healthy. If you are trying to grow your hair out, ask you, stylist, to cut your hair dry, because when it is damp, it’ll get weighed down and the chances of too much being cut off are quite high.

6. Combine sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner together.


When you combine the sulfate-free shampoo with conditioner, you’re creating your very own cleansing conditioner. This mixture will deep moisturize your hair while gently cleaning it. To use it, apply the mix to the roots of your hair and thoroughly massage it. After a few minutes, you’ll want to let the mixture rinse down to the ends of your hair. The cleansing conditioner will clean your hair without removing all of the natural oils that helps prevent your hair from getting too dry or brittle.

7. Prepare your hair for the sun and salt-water.


If you plan on going to the beach, you’re going to want to take extra steps to keep your hair safe from the sun and surf. We already know that the heat and humidity can turn your tresses into a mass of frizz, but when you combine that with salty water, sand and the constant wind, you’re going to wind up with a mass of tangled hair. You can prevent this from happening by applying a leave-in conditioner and put your hair in loose braids.

8. Dry your hair off with a t-shirt instead of a towel.

When you take a towel to your hair, it is likely to get frizzy and tangled, all because the towel takes out too much moisture from your hair. However, when you use a t-shirt, the excess water will get just enough water off the hair, but also since the shirt is smooth, it will help smooth your curls while keeping them from matting together.

9. Always use a blow dryer with a diffuser when blow-drying your hair.

dryer diffuser

After you wash your hair, apply leave in conditioner, and other styling products to your hair, you’ll probably want to dry the hair. Instead of reaching for any old blow dryer, you should always use one that has a diffuser on it. The diffuser will help keep your hair free from frizz and fly-aways while ensuring your curls retain their natural shape. When using the diffuser, scrunch your hair with your hands to help your curls come together.