11 Best Garden Designs and Landscaping Ideas

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Your lawn and garden are a reflection of your home and making them as inviting as possible is the goal. Whether you have a small urban garden or a sprawling acreage, these landscape and gardening ideas offer innovative ways to make your foliage look the best it can.

#1. Wine Bottle Border

Upcycle colored wine bottles to create interest along the edge of your flower garden. Dig small holes and bury the bottles upside down, lining the borders of your colored flower garden. For an added aspect, plant flowers that coordinate with the blue and green colors of your wine bottles.

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#2. Garden Mosaic Path

Use bricks and stones to plan out a mosaic in the midst of your herb garden. Not only does it create interest, it also offers the option for walking without trampling on your plants. To make it work, plan the pattern, dig down a few inches, then place the bricks and stones. Level and fill in the spaces with dirt.

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#3. Garden Corner Ladder

For depth and dimension, consider adding a corner of interest that incorporates a vintage ladder with flowers and greenery. Propped up against a tree or wall, the ladder can be the backdrop for a flowering, climbing vine. Add potted plants to create beauty, interest, and height.

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#4. Raised Garden Beds

Not only do they look fabulous, raised beds offer many benefits to your backyard garden. Particularly effective for planting vegetables, raised beds are easier on the back when weeding. Plus, they allow for root control while promoting soil fertility. Build them yourself or have a landscape gardener work them out for you.

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#5. Painted Stone Garden Markers

Whether you feel artsy yourself or you want to include your children in the project, hand-painted stone garden markers help distinguish flowers and vegetables before they sprout. If you prefer a simpler look, try hand-lettering on individual bricks with paint pens or permanent markers.