15 Clothing Tips and Tricks You Can’t Live Without

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Although walking down a runway is fabulous, staying fashionable in real life is slightly less glamorous. Whether you’re battling unpleasant odors and wrinkles, or fighting with peeking bra straps, these fifteen clothing and fashion hacks will get you far!

#1. Deodorant Stains


Whether you use solid, roll-on, or spray deodorant, you’ve likely found that your antiperspirant and deodorant has created white stains on your dark clothes. And there’s nothing that can ruin your little black dress faster than white stains! But the solution is simple—just use a baby wipe to clean off those stains right away.

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#2. Pilled Sweaters


Tired of those silly little pills and balls that appear under the arms and other places on your favorite sweater? You can easily de-pill them by using a razor. Lay out your sweater on a flat surface. Get a standard men’s disposable razor—not the kind with the lotion—and gently run along the pilly areas. Another option for de-pilling is a pumice stone.

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#3. Wrinkle Removing with Ease


If you’re traveling and you don’t have access to an iron, simply lay out your shirt or pants flat and spray with a mist of water. Then pick them up and shake them out, snapping vigorously. Repeat spraying on stubborn wrinkles. Don’t use too much water or your clothes will be wet, of course.

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#4. Lotion for Leather


Realizing your leather shoes need a shine but you don’t have any shoe polish on hand? No worries! Try a bit of your skin moisturizer on scuffed leather shoes, boots, or purses. Gently apply a small amount of lotion and rub in well. This may cause the color of the leather to darken slightly when damp, but this should be temporary.

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#5. Shedding Angora

angora sweater

When you hate wearing your white angora sweater because it sheds all over your black pants, consider using this little hack to keep those small fibers at bay: put it in the freezer. Sound strange? Yes! But it totally works. After a couple of hours in a plastic bag in the freezer, remove and shake vigorously to get the fibers off and keep from shedding.

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#6. Wrinkled Shirt Collar

hair straightener

If you’ve ever been completely dressed only to look in the mirror to realize that your shirt collar is wrinkled, don’t despair! You don’t need to get completely undressed and get the iron out. Instead, just start up your hair straightener and use it to press the wrinkles out of your shirt collar—while you are still wearing it.

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#7. Remove sweat stains on underarms of shirts

sweat stains

Aluminum based antiperspirant/deodorants are often the cause of yellow stains under the arms of white shirts. Save your white and light-colored tee shirts by adding lemon juice to a spray bottle and spraying under the arms of your tees. Allow to sit for a few minutes prior to washing. Launder as usual.